What is Google AdSense and How Does it Works?

PULO BLOG - What is Google AdSense? Google Adsense is one of the sites online business services are the most popular among the online business world. Google Adsense is managed by reputable companies, namely Google which allows the publisher to earn money from the ads displayed. In conclusion, Google Adsense is an online advertising program owned by Google. Google Adsense is the quickest and easiest way for the owner of a website or blog to make money from the internet.

Google AdSense

Google uses a variety of technologies to display ads according to the content of the website, the user's geographic location, and various other factors. While the ads shown are devoted to those who want to show their ads with Google's targeted ad system, namely by signing up for Google AdWords. You need to know that Google AdWords is a new advertising marketing strategy using search engine Google as a suggestion to advertise, commonly called Search Engine Marketing or marketing-based search engine.

Google AdSense provides a way for website owners or blog to earn money from their websites. AdSense works by matching display ads and text ads to your site based on web content and origin of visitors. The ad is of course created, managed and paid for by advertisers who want to promote their products. Because advertisers pay different ads with different prices, then the amount you earn will not be the same.

First of all, of course you should have a website or a blog, because that's where you'll serve AdSense ads. After the completion of the ad is displayed, and if every time there are visitors who click on the ads, then you will get the money directly. Then, if it has been collected revenues of $ 100, you can only receive the actual payment. Payment can be done through many ways, including by check, Western Union and Direct Deposit.
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